Coaching & Facilitating

"A Coach has some great questions for your answers;
a Mentor has some great answers for your questions"
Our coaching & mentoring services focuses on helping individuals go from where they are, to where they want themselves, their team or organisation to be. 

With Masters qualifications and a seventeen year background in Public Administration, as well as over twenty years working in various roles within the Third Sector, add this to a whole range of life skills, Andrew's holistic outlook and approach enables him to develop a comprehensive assessment of your needs to ensure the services we deliver are developed with you to meet your needs and objectives.

Our prices are extremely competitive too, starting at just £25 an hour* -  a price that is wholly intentional for the following reasons:

  • We currently have low overheads, so can keep the cost low!
  • We want to be accessible to more people from a broad variety of backgrounds!
  • We want to help small to medium size businesses and those thinking of setting up or just starting out! 

Take a look at Our Services below and if you would like to know more, then let's have a chat!

You can contact us on 07952987402 -  alternatively email or use our contact form

*We will work with individuals or organisations to agree an appropriate price for any fixed periods or programmes of work they require.

Our Services  

Personal Coaching:

Within each of us lies the answer to our questions or challenges and our Personal Coaching solutions can help to address and support the following:

  • Personal Growth & Fulfillment
  • Self Awareness
  • Personal Empowerment
  • Motivation & Self Confidence
  • General Lifestyle and Wellbeing issues
  • Dealing with setbacks and building coping mechanisms
  • Decision Making
  • Coping with Change & Transition
  • Dealing with redundancy
Careers & Employment Coaching:

We can assist individuals and organisations with their career coaching processes to help establish direction, build goals and create tailored career development plans to enhance performance and potential.  We work to ensure individuals identify the right strategies to meet their aspirations, as well as explore their development needs and lifestyle and may involved working in partnership with other organisations. Our Career Coaching solutions can help to address and support the following:

  • Identifying and understanding personal values & motivation skills
  • Identifying skills, strengths and development needs
  • Developing a structured and focused Individual Career Development Plan
  • Exploring career development solutions to optimise learning and its impact
  • Identifying personal brand and understanding how to communicate it internally and externally
  • Appropriate networking planning to build networks that can support and don't detract a career journey
  • Career and job search strategies and skills
  • Applications and Interviews
  • Redundancy planning for your staff
Small Business & Organisation Coaching

Whether thinking of starting up, a recent start up, or wanting to enhance your existing small business or organisation, below are some challenges we can help you with:

  • General Start Up information and advice
  • Policies, Guidance and Procedures - implementing and altering regulations and assuring compliance
  • Strategic Planning and the tools to make it effective
  • Recruiting the right candidates and setting the right competencies
  • Team Work and Team Building
  • Team Challenges, Low Morale, Burnout and Trust
  • Knowing when to embrace change
  • Change Management and understanding the resistance to change
  • Providing productive feedback and a culture of openness
  • Customer Service and dealing with customer feedback

If you have a specific issue to address that isn't included above then don't hesitate to get in touch to see how we might be able to develop the necessary support you require.


As a newly established business our facilitating services are growing, and we hope in the future to partner with organisations to support a complete platform by running bespoke workshops. Our facilitating solutions can deliver on any content of your choice, and we have specific material to support individuals or organisations with challenges in the areas of:

  • Career development
  • Leadership development
  • Strategic Planning and Management
  • Change Management
  • Employee engagement
  • Employee commitment and motivation
  • Learning and knowledge transfer
  • Building a culture of learning
  • Team Working and Challenges

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