Indian Head Massage

Relax,unwind and allow yourself to be the focus as you restore balance to your whole body and mind with an Indian Head Massage!

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Indian Head Massage - 30 minutes £15 (first consultation 60 min)

Indian Head Massage - 60 minutes £20 

Indian Head Massage with oils & face massage - 90 minutes £25

(mobile service are available on request)

GROUP BOOKINGS - (Personal, Corporate or Organisations)   Mobile services are available on request. So if you, friends and family, work colleagues, your workplace or your organisation want to book a day or evening of treatments please get in touch for details, prices & availability.

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About Indian Head Massage

The beneficial effects of Indian Head Massage include it being highly effective at relieving stress and depression by providing a deep sense of relaxation of the head, shoulders and neck, whilst also revitalising the whole body and generally improving mood. All done within the peace and security of a safe and tranquil environment, this treatment should leave you feeling completely calm and relaxed, with improvements to your overall  health, wellbeing and resilience.

Indian Head Massage originates within Ayurveda, believed to be one of the oldest holistic, or whole body, healing systems developed in India more than 3,000 years ago. The treatment applies a focused massage to the head, neck and shoulders, with varying techniques and pressure to restore balance and harmony to the whole mind and body. With its origins seated in Hinduism and Buddhism, the treatment taps into the seven chakras to aid the natural realigning and rebalancing of the whole body, this treatment can help improve your overall health, wellbeing and resilience.

Andrew is self taught in Indian Head Massage, and continues his professional development in this field to expand his knowledge, skills and expertise in Ayurveda.

The Treatment Room

Tranquil Mind UK operates from my home address and all treatments take place in private within our bespoke cabin built in the garden grounds.  Mobile services are available for treatments to be delivered in your home.

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