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It is with great thanks to my family and friends for their unrelenting support over the past few years, but without question there are also others some who require considerable mention for their support and guidance throughout my journey!  They, along with others I meet along the way, are linked here so you too can explore the splendours and wonders of all whom I've had the pleasures of associating with. 

Lina Lubertino, Director and Senior Therapist at The Green Rooms, along with her dedicated and professional team of staff, have provided treatments in support of my ownrecovery that have been second to none. I would not be where I am now without them, nor without the support and encouragement from Lina herself.

The Holistic Therapies and Beauty treatments available are all delivered in her beautiful and relaxing salon. Lina and her team have decades of knowledge, experience and skills, add to that the extensive range of treatments, I highly recommend you pay a visit.

Evolve Integral
~ Steve Creffield ~

Steve has worked internationally, and with some extremely prestigious clients - he is truly inspirational and without question, even the shortest of moments spent with him will provide you with a lifetime of value. I had the pleasure of working with Steve over a weekend back in 2001, whilst engaged in a project for DWP. A dozen people met for the first time that weekend, and by the end of it we needed to have started, and completed, a project. Steve was truly incredible, and in no time had us storming, norming and performing (Tuckman, 1965). His incredible ability to assess each and every one of us, and then to engage with us all, and get us all engaging and involved in the task at hand was truly inspiring. Motivational and energetic, his knowledge and skills were unwavering as he guided the success of that weekend... and the project was completed. An inspiration then, and still, as the value of Steve’s energy and wisdom has been a fuel for my own determination to move forward, keep going and never give up…

Gina & Gail (GiGai), along with Elaine, have coached and directed my Reiki pathway all the way from Level 1, right through to Master Practitioner.  The knowledge, wisdom and support has been amazing, and I cannot thank them enough.  Gina and Gail do far more than just Reiki Teaching though, as you will see from their Crystals Website and Facebook Page

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