Client Recording Consent Form

The information requested below is required to assist us in ensuring that our services meet with the highest of standards. All information is treated in the strictest of confidence and in accordance with our privacy policy. Thank you for your time in completing the form in full.

Recording Consent Form

Please complete all sections of the form as fully as possible. Thank you.

This form is to be used for to seek permission where individuals/families/groups are recorded to assist the families and consultant in their work. Tranquil Mind UK has adopted a policy in line with the General Data Protection Act and will specifically seek consent for such recordings to ensure the highest levels of safeguarding of both clients and staff. The consent limits the use of the recordings to those specified by you. If at a later date Tranquil Mind UK would like to use the recording in any other way, they must seek your specific permission to do so. Also, at a later date, if you wish to change your consent, you have the right to do so and will need to discuss this with us.

Have you been given an explanation as to why permission is being requested to record sessions?

I/we consent to recordings being made to ensure the following:

Declaration & Consent (Please read this section carefully)

I consent to recordings being made during my coaching session at Tranquil Mind UK andhave read, understood and agree to the general policies and codes of practice, including the privacy policy, of Tranquil Mind UK.

Are you signing this form for somebody under the age of 16? By signing this form on their behalf, you are also declaring that you have parental responsibility for the client named above, as detailed in the general policies and codes of practice of Tranquil Mind UK.


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