Relax,unwind and allow yourself to be the focus, as it does not matter what your beliefs, background or circumstances, Reiki can benefit anyone!

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Reiki - 60 minutes £20

Reiki - 90+ minutes £25 

Reiki & Reflexology Combined - 120 minutes £35

(mobile service available on request)

BLOCK BOOKING DISCOUNT - a series of five 60 minute Reiki treatments are available at £80 (get in touch for details) 

GROUP BOOKINGS - (Personal, Corporate or Organisations)   Mobile services are available on request. So if you, friends and family, work colleagues, your workplace or your organisation want to book a day or evening of treatments please get in touch for details, prices & availability.

Gift Vouchers Available - please ask for details

UK Reiki Federation Member
About Reiki

The beneficial effects of Reiki can support anyone wanting to maintain their general health, wellbeing and resilience, or help with the recovery from illness or ailments. During your treatment you will also benefit from a deep sense of relaxation, with feelings of peace and security in a safe and tranquil environment, all working to help you improve your personal wellbeing. Reiki helps to rebalance the body, mind and emotions, and can be adapted to assist with most medical conditions.

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) originates from Japan, and was developed by Mikao Usui in the early 20th century. Reiki's literal meaning is, 'universal life force energy' and the treatment is administered through the subtle laying on of hands, or by intuitive movements of the hands, in positions relating to vital organs and nerve plexus. A simple and natural method of healing and self-improvement, Reiki treats the whole person, as energy flows through and around you to promote the natural healing of physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual imbalances.

Your Reiki treatment can be combined with Reflexology to deliver an enhanced experience, which many clients indicate leaves them feeling extremely well and completely relaxed.

Optional - your Reiki treatment may be combined with the use of crystals & basic crystal therapy to aid rebalancing of the Chakras

Andrew is a qualified Reiki Master Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher, Member of and accredited by the UK Reiki Federation and The Guild of Holistic Therapists, and continues his professional development in this area to expand his knowledge and skills.  

The Treatment Room

Tranquil Mind UK operates from my home address and all treatments take place in private within our bespoke cabin built in the garden grounds.  Mobile services are available for treatments to be delivered in your home.

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