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"I first met Andrew at an event that had nothing to do with therapy, but we began talking and I was engaged by his story. I had been diagnosed with kidney failure the previous year and had received several types of complimentary therapy with varying results. I had no real intention of having reiki but the Andrew’s offer of a combined reiki and reflexology session appealed.
A week later I contacted Andrew to book a session of the two therapies and I was impressed by his professionalism and thorough approach. Not only did he ask about existing conditions and concerns but he spent some considerable time in researching findings about how the therapies have helped other people in a similar situation. This was a very re-assuring start.
The session itself was most relaxing. Andrew explained exactly what the procedures would entail, how he would work and asked if there were any questions from me. The room, which he modestly called his ‘shed’, is a luxurious dedicated garden building that is a haven of tranquillity. The music and aromas are deliberately blended with mood lighting to create the perfect atmosphere. Very relaxing.
The session was over far too soon, even though a good two hours had elapsed. Andrew ended the session with some after care advice, which was followed up by an email and a quality questionnaire.
I have since had another double session and will be booking more. Do I feel better? Yes. Can I prove that the therapies work? No. Do I believe they are beneficial? Definitely!
I went into this with no expectations but I do feel better for the experience. It is very early days and the medical tests may, or may not, show a difference between pre-and post-treatment conditions. Would I recommend Andrew? Absolutely. If you were in any doubt about trying Reiki or Reflexology then speak to Andrew. He is a professional therapist for all the right reasons, a true gentleman."

Ian Webster MSc FCMI - Director of Achieve (Ltd) 

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